Shri Kripa Agro Industries Blog Latest Products Tue, 19 Jan 2021 19:27:13 +0530 en-us Why Should You Opt For Consuming Jaggery Every Day? Mon, 18 Nov 2019 17:22:14 +0530 <p>Do you see your grandparents eat a small piece of gur every day with their meal? Did you try it? It’s super tasty and healthy too. Jaggery is prepared with unrefined sugar that is gained by boiling sugarcane juice. Another form of jaggery is found that is made from date palm and coconut, but it is not considered as healthy as the previous one.<br /><br /></p> <p>Sugarcane jaggery is a way better than white sugar. It offers numerous health benefits. It makes a good source for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This article aims to explore some awesome health benefits of gur that will surely force you to buy export quality jaggery for adding it onto your everyday sugar-substitute. It is a natural sweetener and is able to provide energy over a longer period of time. Do you know it can beat factory-made honey too while nutrients amount is considered? This is when gur steps in!</p> <p><br /><br /></p> <p>This is why fitness freaks and even diabetic prefer consuming jaggery on a limited amount. Here are the health benefits of jaggery.<br /><br /></p> <ol> <li><strong>Pure blood</strong> – Consumption of jaggery every day can help in blood purification. Thus, eating gur can keep you away from diseases.</li> <li><strong>No constipation</strong> – Regular consumption of jaggery activates the digestive enzymes and thus encourages bowel movement which finally results in relieving in constipation. Jaggery has diuretic properties, which make it helpful in offering normal bowel movement.</li> <li><strong>Detoxified liver</strong> – Jaggery helps to cleanse the liver by removing the toxic elements from it. It eases the liver functioning and detoxifies the body.</li> <li><strong>Weight loss</strong> – The presence of potassium enhances the weight loss process. It helps in balancing the electrolytes and thus metabolism is boosted which often results in muscle building. Lowering water retention in the body potassium encourages weight management.</li> <li>Lower menstrual pain – Its essential nutrient contents offer natural treatment to menstrual pain issues in women. It relieves in menstrual cramps too. Consuming jaggery every day you can successfully fight the regular symptoms of PMS during those menstruation days.</li> <li><strong>Immunity boost</strong> – The export quality jaggery is loaded with loads of essential minerals including selenium, zinc, etc. and contains antioxidants that together help to seize free-radical damages and thus offer resistance against infections.</li> <li><strong>Relieve from cold and flu </strong>– If you drink warm water with a small piece of jaggery every day or add a piece of jaggery as a sweeter to your cup of tea, it can benefit you with lots of goodness. It keeps in heated up from inside especially in the winter times and makes you able to fight cold and flu.</li> <li><strong>Normal blood pressure</strong> – Sodium and potassium contents of gur are effective in maintaining normal blood pressure levels in the human body.</li> <li><strong>Healthy intestine</strong> – The magnesium content in jaggery makes your intestine stronger. 10 grams of gur can provide 4% of your daily requirement of magnesium.</li> <li><strong>No anemia</strong> – Jaggery has folate and iron which together act to maintain normal sugar level in blood and thus helpful in fighting anemia. It is a good source of instant energy as well.</li> </ol> <p> </p> <p>So, the next time you crave for gur pieces don’t feel guilty at all! <a title="Buy Pure Jaggery Online" href="" target="_blank">Get some export quality jaggery</a> for a better health. Eat daily but restrict its limit.</p> Extraordinary Benefits Of Eating Pure Jaggery In Winters Mon, 09 Dec 2019 18:53:31 +0530 <p style="text-align: justify;">With the fall of temperature all across the country, people welcome all the warming foods that the season has to offer. Gur or Jaggery is definitely one of them as it is known to keep our bodies warm, and often recommended to be consumed in the winters. Jaggery is typically a sweetener that is obtained by boiling raw and concentrated sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice is boiled for quite a few hours before pouring it in the moulds and is further kept to cool off and let it harden. It is also known to be a healthier alternative to white sugar owing to its superior nutritional profile. It's undoubtedly a good seasonal delight to enjoy if you can get some quality stuff.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;">There are many companies engaged in offering pure jaggery for sale in India at a very reasonable price. You can also find many stores, shops, road-side vendors, selling this traditional Indian delight in the market. But it is better to rely on a trustworthy <a href="">pure jaggery supplier in India.</a></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Health professionals have generally recommended eating jaggery in winter only, as it produces heat in the body further causing stomach problems. Thus, one should avoid consuming jaggery during hot days.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Jaggery has numerous health benefits that everyone should know about. Here are some of them -</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Prevents constipation:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;">Jaggery triggers the digestive enzymes in the body and stimulates bowel movements, thereby preventing and relieving constipation. Constipation is a common condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels, often associated with hardened feces. A small piece of jaggery after your lunch could aid digestion.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Detoxes the liver:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;">Jaggery is known to be a natural body cleanser and can reduce the workload of the liver. It helps cleanse the liver by wiping out harmful toxins from the body, thereby detoxifying the liver. So if you want to detox your body effectively, have a bite of a piece of jaggery.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Treats symptoms Of Flu:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;">Jaggery helps to fight symptoms of cold and cough. By having jaggery with warm water or tea, you can reap the benefits. Jaggery generates heat in the body, which is why it is recommended to consume it in winters. The warming effect in jaggery or gur makes it a delightful sweet that can treat cold and flu.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Purifies Blood:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;">One of the most major benefits of jaggery is its ability to purify the blood. When eaten on a regular basis and in limited quantities, jaggery cleanses the blood, making your body healthy.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Helps To Boost immunity:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;">Jaggery is packed with antioxidants and minerals such as selenium and zinc, therefore it helps to prevent free-radical damage and also boosts resistance against infections. It also helps increase the total amount of hemoglobin in the blood.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Cleanses the body:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;">As one of the best natural cleansing agents for the body, jaggery helps to remove unwanted particles from the body. It efficiently cleans the lungs, intestines, respiratory tract, stomach, and food pipe. Jaggery is highly recommended for people working in heavily polluted areas such as coal mines or factories.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Eases menstrual pain:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;">Due to its richness in many essential nutrients, jaggery is an effective natural treatment for menstrual problems, especially providing relief from cramps. In case you have got sudden mood swings just before your period, you should eat a small piece of jaggery daily to fight symptoms of premenstrual syndrome as it leads to the release of endorphins. These endorphins are known to relax the body, thereby preventing premenstrual syndrome.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Helps To Prevent Anemia:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;">Jaggery is an excellent source of iron and folate which prevent anemia by ensuring a normal level of red blood cells is maintained. This is especially helpful for pregnant women. Additionally, it gives instant energy to the body.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Besides, all the above benefits jaggery also boosts intestine health, cools the stomach, prevents respiratory problems, controls blood pressure, relieves joint pain, helps in weight loss, etc.</p> The Ultimate Health Benefits Of Having Super Quality Jaggery Tue, 11 Feb 2020 16:45:25 +0530 <p style="text-align: justify;">Jaggery has gained huge popularity of late as a result of its several health benefits. It is also popularly known as “gur” in various places. In Tamil jaggery is called as Velma, Sharkara in Malayalam, and Bellam in Telgu. It is consumed all across India in various forms. You will find the flavor of jaggery quite heavenly. It is generally unrefined sugar that is extracted from raw and concentrated sugarcane juice. It is interesting to note that gur can be manufactured from various other sources that may include date palm and sap of the coconut. However, the one produced from sugarcane juice has become highly common. It can be made by boiling sugar cane juice till the moment it gets solidified and then put into blocks. It offers several health benefits that you will find difficult to ignore. Here are some of them:</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Constipation:</strong> It can effectively activate the digestive enzymes in the human body and activates the bowel movements. It will give you relief from constipation and prevent its occurrence. In constipation, a person finds it difficult to empty the bowels. Super quality jaggery can act as the diuretic that will help in stimulating the bowel movement. If you are suffering from digestion and constipation issues, you may take a small piece of jaggery after lunch or dinner. Consistent consumption of jaggery will provide you relief from constipation and give you good health.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Detoxify your liver: </strong>It has emerged as a natural body cleanser by simply reducing the workload of the liver. Jaggery can effectively cleanse your liver by eliminating all the dangerous toxins from your body. It will help in detoxifying the liver. So whenever you desire to detox your body, you can relish the tasty jaggery and achieve the result.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Flu-type symptoms: </strong>If you are keen to fight the symptoms of cold and cough, you can do so by consuming jaggery. You need to mix jaggery with warm water and drink it either in the morning or before bedtime. You may also add it in your tea in lieu of sugar to reap maximum benefits. As per the <a title="super quality jaggery suppliers in India" href="" target="_blank">super quality jaggery suppliers in India</a>, it helps in producing heat in your body which is the reason why many people eat it during winters. The warming nature of jaggery has made it a useful sweet that can effectively treat cold and flu-like symptoms.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Blood purification: </strong>One of the highly popular health benefits of jaggery is its capacity to purify the blood. When you have it consistently in limited quantity, it will help in cleansing your blood and keeping your body healthy. When your body is clean it will ensure that you stay free from the various harmful diseases.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Immunity booster:</strong> Jaggery is full of antioxidants and minerals that may include zinc and selenium. It will help in preventing free-radical damage and also enhances the resistance against various deadly infections. Jaggery can effectively boost the total count of hemoglobin in your blood.</p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify; padding-left: 30px;"><strong>• Relief in menstrual pain: </strong>If you suffer from the painful menstrual cycle, you can simply rely on jaggery. It is rich in various beneficial nutrients and can naturally treat several menstrual issues. It also offers great relief from menstrual cramps that have plagued a large number of women all over the world. If you suffer from sudden mood swings prior to getting your menstrual cycle, you should eat jaggery in your daily routine to get rid of this problem. It can combat the symptoms of PMS as it leads to the release of endorphins.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Therefore, we can conclude here that you may purchase good quality jaggery from Super Quality Jaggery Suppliers in India at cost-effective prices.</p> Toor Dal and Its Benefits Tue, 21 Apr 2020 10:28:37 +0530 <p style="text-align: justify;">Toor dal is one of the best sources of carbohydrates. This dal is very nutritious and not just nutritious it is also filled with taste. In India, Toor dal is one of the most confusing food. This dal is almost consumed on an everyday basis by most of all Indian families. You can have this toor dal along with roti and rice. As this dal is filled with nutrients it is really good for children.<br /><br /></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Benefits of toor dal-</strong></p> <ul> <li>The organic bold toor dal is great for a balanced diet as it can provide you with requisite proteins.</li> <li>There is a great amount of fibre present in toor dal which helps in getting rid of constipation like problems. By having toor dal regularly you can reduce the risk of having any chronic disease.</li> <li>Our body gains energy from carbohydrates and toor dal is one great source of carbohydrates.</li> <li>The pure bold toor dal helps in curing gastric issues, cough, poisoning effects, cough, and pain.</li> <li>Toor dal is free of any cholesterol and it is filled with dietary fibre.</li> <li>The organic bold toor dal does not just contain carbohydrates, but it also has fibres, proteins and the type of fats that are good for the body. Also, any kind of bowel movement is completely regulated due to the complex amount of dietary fibres that are present in it.<br /><br /><br /></li> </ul> <p><strong>Toor dal is a great source of-</strong></p> <ul> <li>Toor dal is one of the best sources of folic acid. Women who are pregnant should regularly have toor dal. Consumption of foods rich in folic acid is great for all pregnant women. The folic acid helps in the development of the foetus and also it can help in defending any type of birth defects of the neural tube, like the spina bifida. According to some health specialists, the consumption of a good amount of folic acid helps in decreasing some birth defects.</li> <li>One rich source of iron. The organic bold toor dal has a lot of iron in it. Eating Toor dal regularly can easily fulfil all the iron requirement of your body.</li> <li>Toor dal is an amazing source of protein. You must add toor dal in your diet for adding some protein-filled food. Toor dal is a great source of protein for vegetarians. Also, people who want to control their consumption of meat can shift to toor dal as a source of protein.</li> <li>The <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><em><a href="" target="_blank">bold toor dal supplier</a></em></span> brings you a pretty good amount of fibre filled dal. Toor dal is a good source of fibre. The dietary fibre present in toor dal can help in promoting a healthy and regular bowel movement. Also, you can get rid of constipation with the right amount of fibre consumption. Toor dal can also help in reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.</li> <li>Toor dal is an amazing source of carbohydrates. When you consume carbohydrate-rich foods your body produces blood sugar or glucose which eventually is utilized for nourishing the nervous system and brain. Toor dal has complex carbohydrates in it which helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.</li> </ul> <p style="text-align: justify;"><br /><br /></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">These were some of the great benefits of Toor dal. Apart from these organic bold Toor dal is a great food for reducing weight. You can also look for the best quality bold toor dal supplier and then get yourself some toor dal.</p> Arhar Dal Dominates Every Indian Kitchen Wed, 08 Jul 2020 20:16:32 +0530 <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>A brief about Arhar Dal</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">In Indian households, most of the meals are not complete without the pulses or lentils. Arhar Dal is also known as pigeon peas or toor dal is not only luscious but also has a great amount of nutritional value. It is an excellent source of folic acid, rich in protein, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It is a key ingredient in Sambhar, a south Indian staple curry. Organic Arhar Pulse is medium-sized, without polish dal having very pleasing, moderate aroma, and great taste. It is included in a number of dishes across India, especially in the south. It goes great with rice or chapati and it has plenty of health benefits.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Why must Arhar Dal be a part of your daily diet?</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <ul style="text-align: justify;"> <li>Good for heart’s health: Pigeon peas contain dietary fiber, potassium, and low cholesterol which help to maintain a healthy heart.</li> <li>Helps in maintaining blood pressure: Potassium is the key mineral that is found in arhar dal that helps in reducing blood pressure. Therefore, it is good for people who have hypertension.</li> <li>Helps in weight loss: The fiber and protein in Arhar dal keep the stomach satiated for a longer duration which effectively curbs hunger. It helps in avoiding unhealthy snacking which has a great role in the weight loss process.</li> <li>It is a great & easy way to add protein: It provides vital nutrients, fiber, and protein for vegetarians as well as for those who have healthy eating plans.</li> <li>Aids in relieving constipation: As it is a great source of fiber which helps in preventing gastric problems like constipation.</li> <li>Good for bone’s health: It is rich in phosphorus which helps in the formation of bones and teeth.</li> <li>Helps in boosting immunity level: Arhar dal is rich in magnesium which builds immunity.</li> </ul> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Organic Arhar Dal Supplier</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">India is an abode of numerous manufacturers and suppliers of Organic Arhar Pulse and Shri Kripa Agro Industries is the foremost manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of premium organic Arhar pulse. They are known to be leading Arhar Dal suppliers and its products are immensely demanded their unbeatable taste, aroma, and quality. They ensure the availability of Organic Arhar Dal in different packing sizes and quantities as per the preferences of customers.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <ul style="text-align: justify;"> <li>Arhar Dal suppliers in Madhya Pradesh are committed to providing supreme quality Arhar dal through online portals so that its customers can easily purchase Arhar pulse online. There are many reasons for the enviable growth of Arhar Dal suppliers and some of them are:</li> <li>They are supported by an efficient team of skilled and experienced members that includes procuring agents, trained farmers, quality inspectors, packaging experts, sales & marketing experts, and logistics.</li> <li>They use ultra-modern and high-tech methods to cultivate organic Arhar pulse.</li> <li>They have a large production unit along with a separate warehousing facility where Arhar pulses are stored in the most hygienic manner.</li> <li>They make sure to check the entire range of organic Arhar Dal through multi-stage quality control measures.</li> <li>They use packaging that helps in retaining the organic properties, quality, and longer shelf life of Arhar Pulse.</li> <li>They deliver the orders within the stipulated time frame as they are supported by modern transit facilities and logistic partners which make a sure minimum loss in the transit.</li> <li>They have a wide distribution network which enables them to reach customers at any location across the nation.</li> <li>They supply top-notch products at a cost-effective price.</li> </ul> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Since it is an item of food consumption and its demand is soaring at a tremendous speed. One can easily <em><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a href="">buy Arhar pulse online</a></span></em> at the best price and enjoy its health benefits.</p>