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Why Should You Opt For Consuming Jaggery Every Day?

Posted by Admin on December, 30, 2019

Do you see your grandparents eat a small piece of gur every day with their meal? Did you try it? It’s super tasty and healthy too. Jaggery is prepared with unrefined sugar that is gained by boiling sugarcane juice. Another form of jaggery is found that is made from date palm and coconut, but it is not considered as healthy as the previous one.

Sugarcane jaggery is a way better than white sugar. It offers numerous health benefits. It makes a good source for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This article aims to explore some awesome health benefits of gur that will surely force you to buy export quality jaggery for adding it onto your everyday sugar-substitute. It is a natural sweetener and is able to provide energy over a longer period of time. Do you know it can beat factory-made honey too while nutrients amount is considered? This is when gur steps in!

This is why fitness freaks and even diabetic prefer consuming jaggery on a limited amount. Here are the health benefits of jaggery.

  1. Pure blood – Consumption of jaggery every day can help in blood purification. Thus, eating gur can keep you away from diseases.
  2. No constipation – Regular consumption of jaggery activates the digestive enzymes and thus encourages bowel movement which finally results in relieving in constipation. Jaggery has diuretic properties, which make it helpful in offering normal bowel movement.
  3. Detoxified liver – Jaggery helps to cleanse the liver by removing the toxic elements from it. It eases the liver functioning and detoxifies the body.
  4. Weight loss – The presence of potassium enhances the weight loss process. It helps in balancing the electrolytes and thus metabolism is boosted which often results in muscle building. Lowering water retention in the body potassium encourages weight management.
  5. Lower menstrual pain – Its essential nutrient contents offer natural treatment to menstrual pain issues in women. It relieves in menstrual cramps too. Consuming jaggery every day you can successfully fight the regular symptoms of PMS during those menstruation days.
  6. Immunity boost – The export quality jaggery is loaded with loads of essential minerals including selenium, zinc, etc. and contains antioxidants that together help to seize free-radical damages and thus offer resistance against infections.
  7. Relieve from cold and flu – If you drink warm water with a small piece of jaggery every day or add a piece of jaggery as a sweeter to your cup of tea, it can benefit you with lots of goodness. It keeps in heated up from inside especially in the winter times and makes you able to fight cold and flu.
  8. Normal blood pressure – Sodium and potassium contents of gur are effective in maintaining normal blood pressure levels in the human body.
  9. Healthy intestine – The magnesium content in jaggery makes your intestine stronger. 10 grams of gur can provide 4% of your daily requirement of magnesium.
  10. No anemia – Jaggery has folate and iron which together act to maintain normal sugar level in blood and thus helpful in fighting anemia. It is a good source of instant energy as well.

So, the next time you crave for gur pieces don’t feel guilty at all! Get some export quality jaggery for a better health. Eat daily but restrict its limit.

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